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After sales service process

Thank you for choosing Shenzhen Yizheng Technology Equipment. In order to improve the quality and efficiency of after-sales service, we adopt the following service processes:


1、 When the technical engineer is on a business trip in the city where the client is located, the technical engineer can provide on-site service, free travel and labor expenses, and other normal charges.;

2、You can contact relevant personnel by phone, email, QQ, WeChat, etc., or you can apply online on the company's official website.;

3、 The company will return to the user every quarter to understand the use of the equipment and accept the customer's valuable comments and suggestions;

4、 The user can praise or complain to the after-sales service to the sales engineer, the technical department manager, the company headquarters, and the company's official website;

5、 Headquarters phone:0755-83549661,Product hotline:400-0755-403,Market feedback mailbox:info@e-zheng.com。