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SHENZHEN E-ZHENG TECH  CO., LTD founded in 2006, as the general agent and technical service center of many well-known foreign brands in China, Yizheng Technology mainly provides customers with continuous flow process solutions and laboratory system solutions.
As a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen, a national high-tech enterprise and a member of the Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association, all employees of Yizheng have a background in higher education, of which more than 30% have master's degree or above and participate in a number of Shenzhen science and technology projects. Has a strong technical strength. In 2015, the company passed ISO 9001 certification and has Ezone's own brand. Yizheng Technology has paid attention to the application and protection of its own knowledge products, and has obtained 10 utility model patents and 4 invention patents. .
Yizheng Technology is the Netherlands Chemtrix (microchannel reactor), British AM (continuously stirred multi-stage reactor, catalytic hydrogenation system), British AWL (continuous filtration drying The exclusive agent and technical service provider in China provides complete continuous process solutions for continuous synthesis, on-line extraction, continuous crystallization, on-line filtration drying, and on-line analysis. The company has established a micro-channel continuous flow chemistry joint laboratory with the Zhejiang University of Technology School of Pharmacy, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Hebei University of Technology and the Department of Chemistry of Fudan University to promote the continuous flow process in the organic synthesis, fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. In the fields of energy materials, food and beverage, etc., the cooperative laboratory can provide process verification and continuous flow process development for the transformation of the customer's traditional batch tank process in the continuous flow process, and promote the pharmaceutical and fine chemical enterprises from the traditional batch process. A transition to a green, safe, fast, and economical process.
Yizheng Technology is an Italian company AMS (continuous flow analyzer, fully automatic interrupted chemical analyzer, digestion furnace and fully automatic distillation) and Canada Questron (automatic digestive system, fully automatic dilution system, digestion furnace) in southern China The industry's exclusive distributors and technical service providers in the tobacco industry are Excellims (high-efficiency ion mobility spectrometry), the first-level agent and technical service provider of Steristic in China; actively responding to the country to improve the ecological environment and improve food quality and safety. The company's products are mainly for university research institutes, government and enterprise inspection departments. The services include ecological environment, food safety, tobacco analysis and other fields, providing laboratory system solutions.
Adhering to the company's purpose and philosophy of "Technology Innovation, Service Priority", Yizheng Technology has gained recognition from all walks of life with its solid footsteps. The company has established a sound marketing and service system, providing technical consultation, program design, product training and after-sales maintenance. Complete service. The company holds a number of technical lectures and training courses on related instruments and equipments and process plans every year. It specially invites well-known professors and experts at home and abroad to do relevant training, and has produced positive responses in the field of scientific research and testing, and has gained a good reputation. At the same time, the company has participated in many academic conferences and exhibitions in various industry fields at home and abroad, and has maintained close communication and cooperation with customers for a long time.
“As a result, Yizheng Technology is proud of its enthusiasm. In this way, Yizheng Technology will reward everyone and people from all walks of life with full enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility, and provide more and better products and more for the society. Excellent service. Cooperation.